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Nudists are people who enjoy being free of their clothes when and where it's acceptable to others around them for them to do so. That's different than an exhibitionist or streaker who gets naked specifically to annoy and offend people, and it has nothing to do with sex or sexuality. It has only to do with the fact that the human body doesn't like being covered all the time, and the human mind wants us to feel accepted, simply as we are. In a way, "nudist" is a made up word, having meaning only because the dominant culture has chosen to perversely force everyone to cover themselves all of the time.
Children have to be conditioned not to be nudists, and adults have to force themselves to continue to believe in not becoming one. Otherwise, they'll turn into (gasp!) humans and actually like being and looking human. The simple fact is people like being naked because it feels so wonderful to be naked. It's supposed to be that way.
Nudism ranges from people deliberately spending time at home or sleeping that way, to people who go out of their way to find places, alone or with others,
to get out of their clothes, to just enjoy being free of them.